Transports of groupage cargo

Very often for many of our customers required to transport the small batches of cargo. This can be a small batch like several boxes. In this case transportation on one single separate truck will be completely unprofitable. It is much cheaper to make delivery of such a small batch as part cargo combined with the other batches together on one tuck. In this case, only the place in the vehicle is paid and it menace that delivery as part cargo has only the financial benefit, because customer pays not for the complete truck, but only for space in the truck, in proportion to the occupied space.

International transportation of groupage cargo is one of the most important areas of our activities. In general the international groupage transport is usually carried out by road. However, if necessary, transportation may additionally include rail or sea transport modes. The choice of the transportation way mode depends on the features of the route and the economic feasibility. For urgent delivery, it makes sense to use air transportation, which is also one of the activities and services provided by Kirchner Logistics.

Along with arranging of groupage transportation our company carries out the entire range of related services, such as:

  • Development of the optimal delivery route in accordance with the requirements of the customer
  • Warehouse storage of goods, their consolidation, packaging, preparation for departure
  • Customs clearance (the publication of all types of customs documents, as well as their control: Carnet-TIR, Carnet-ATA, EX-A, T1, CMR, IM7, IM7 T1, etc.)
  • Assistance for customs clearance


Please feel free to contact us once you would have even a small batch to ship!

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