Transportation of project cargoes and project logistics

The transportation of project cargoes amounts to the most difficult and multi-stage types of cargo delivery, which in most cases requires a whole complex of engineering-constructing, organizational, logistic works and exclusive decision making in every separate case.

In order to organize the transportation of project cargoes, one practically always needs a change of transport means, a presence of accompanying motor transport during the transfer of oversized and extra heavy cargoes, the temporary assembly or disassembly of electricity power lines, the fortification of bridges, and many things more that need a necessary coordination with the controlling state organs.

In most cases the basis of project cargoes consists in the “block” principle of cargo delivery. This means that the transportation of the project cargo is conducted by way of a developed scheme well in advance and a course guaranteeing the single arrival of the whole freight on the point of custom clearance, which allows the receiver to clear all consignments at the destination customs as one product under the one HS-code. To guarantee the delivery of project cargoes the “block” manner – in other words in one lot – a consolidation of the cargoes in one export port is required in order to come to the formation of a complete freight lot that makes a following transit possible by means of a, in advance, planned means of transport.

The specialists of Kirchner are ready to grant services with regard to consolidating cargoes in export ports, to carefully verify the observance of all established stowage norms of cargoes and to develop the most optimal delivery scheme of the entire project within established terms and in advance.

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