Transportation of oversized and heavy lift cargoes

Oversized or Heavy Lift cargo is the cargo where the length or height or width or weight do not meet the existing standards of transportation, respectively, it means that transportation of such loads is not possible by ordinary transport.

Kirchner Logistics offers transportation services for oversized and heavy cargoes using special transport equipment.

This kind of cargo transportation is a special segment of the transport and logistics industry, which requires only an individual approach and investigations.

Very often the capacity of public roads and existing restrictions (power lines, railways, bridges, traffic light etc...) does not allow performing haulage of Oversized or Heavy Lift cargo. In such cases, transportation of oversized cargo requires the development of a special route or temporary removing of possible obstacles on route of haulage.

For transportation of Oversized or Heavy Lift cargo require the special permit issuing special government authorities where for our specialist can also take care.

The key factor determining the successful delivery of Oversized and Heavy Lift cargo is the professionalism, knowledge and practical experience accumulated by employees of Kirchner Logistics.

Our specialists are up to whatever “impossible” problem on their way. Deliver us the problem where you facing in and we will come up with the most optimal solution for delivery of Oversized or Heavy Lift cargo!

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