Sea transports

Transportation of the cargo by Sea is one of sufficiently and economic transport mode in comparison to other ways of transportation. Sea transport is specific in the sense that it is already an "international" industry by the nature of its activities.

Transportation of the cargo by sea is a fairly economical way of transport and this is due to the fact that it is possible to transport big or heavy lift cargo on one vehicle than with other modes of transport. In many cases sea transport is the only one possible way of delivery, for example, in the case of very large size or weight of cargo.

The company Kirchner Logistics has a great professional experience in organisation of shipments by sea. We have excellent partnerships with all the main regular shipping lines providing constant service to all key ports worldwide.

Having addressed to us for the organization of transportations by the sea, you can be assured of safety of your cargoes and their timely delivery to a destination irrespective of the time zone. Our capabilities allow us to monitor the entire cycle of sea transportation, including loading and discharging and storage operations.

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