RO-RO transportations of self-propelled machinery and general cargoes

The RO-RO mode of transportation has a number of advantages in comparison with the container mode of transport. By RO-RO type vessels is possible to transport not only self-propelled and towable machines but also general cargo, which can be loaded on special RO-RO mafi-trailers similar as you see here on the picture on the right side of this page. After loading of the cargo onto the RO-RO mafi-trailers terminal operators are just launched them on a vessel by towing way for further shipment.

In this niche of the transport sector, our company occupies a very strong position, offering a full range of services for the organization of RO-RO transportation in almost all directions of the world.

Of course transportations by RO-RO mode have its limitations depending on the directions, maximal transport dimensions of the cargo and its weight, but even that shipment of self-propelled, towable or general cargo on mafi-trailers on RO-RO vessels makes transportation more economical in comparison with shipments on conventional liner vessels.

Our specialists based on their knowledge & experience can analyze and calculate the transportation practically to any destination and in the shortest possible time frame.

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