Cargoes incurance

By signing of the contact for cargo insurance, companies increase the economical safety of transportation and significantly reduce the risks associated with the transportation of cargo. By taking of cargo insurance, everyone gets its own win/win effect: both as the shipper and as the carrier. The shipper is sure of the safety of his cargo, and the carrier knows that in circumstances beyond the control of the carrier, there will be no unnecessary problems and misunderstandings with his customer.

Cargo insurance gives participants of sales contracts not only a direct benefit in the form of protecting the interests of their owners, but also indirect benefits such as:

  • It allows to the companies that have suffered losses to continue their main activities, which significantly contributes to the creation of a stable business climate.
  • To a certain extent provides security of commercial transactions, as in case of signed cargo insurance contact it allows to transfer to the insurance company all risks during transportation, that traders can not to control.
  • The insurance fee releases the reserve funds held in the company to financing of the possible climes or costs of preventing and liquidating of losses.


In addition to insurance, a possible way to compensate the damages arising during the delivery of goods is to receive compensation from the party in fault. During transportation party in fault can be as a carrier company, as a forwarder or a company carrying out operations with cargo at its transhipment points from one mode of transport to another.

After preliminary analysis and determination of the route, the specialists of our company can choose the type of cargo insurance based on the most reliable insurance companies with a clean worldwide reputation.

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