Customs formalities

The execution of customs formalities of international cargo transportations is also included in the service list of our company. We are well prepared to provide this service separately, but, as a rule, it is part of the complex organization of cargo delivery to the estimated arrival point – as wished for by the receiving side - independent of wherever that destination point may be.
Our services span all preliminary stages towards customs clearance:

  • Consultations regarding customs Law and customs formalities in the region of the planet, where this is necessary;
  • The definition the goods nomenclature codes – HS-code;
  • Calculation of customs payments, import duties, taxes and their optimization;
  • Support in clearing Russian and international certificates of conformity and product quality and also of sanitary-epistemological treaties;
  • Declaration of goods, inclusive of electronic and preliminary declaration;
  • A complete spectre of representing the interests of the Client in customs services;
  • The conducting of all stages of customs control at the different customs points with preparation well in advance;
  • The preparation and customs clearance of the cargo under Customs Classification Conclusion ***.

*** We would like to outline the preparation of the Customs Classification Conclusion in separate words. This procedure seems to be very conscientious but it significantly lowers the Client’s expenses. When this service is selected by the Kirchner company, we elaborate and prepare the Customs Classification Conclusion FTS (Rus. : Federal Customs Authority of the Russian Federation), which presupposes the officially – on behalf of the commission of the customs organ - confirmed condition about the acquisition of the single HS-code for every separately taken batch of goods, which consists out of a multitude of singularities of equipment and components. Given procedure is put into effectiveness in the shape of one single document which permits to speed up and also significantly simplify the procedure of customs clearance of the goods, to economize on the customs payments, to supply a batch of goods under one single HS-code, and consequently, to brake down the amount of papers needed to receive. For example: certificates, declarations of conformity, licenses and so forth. After receiving a Class-Solution you will not necessarily have to finalize every single component of the lot of goods with the single HS-code, the temporary expenses for the preparation of the customs formalities will be reduced. Showing the received document from the Kirchner company, the Client is getting the possibility to use the Classification Solution FTC also in the future in order to simplify the procedures of customs formalities. The document is to be shown to the customs organ within the framework of customs formalities of whatever running project on cargo delivery.

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